3D-printed nylon microphone seeks heavy metal singer


The Skeletor microphone fronting a band made up of Spider and Steampunk guitars

The Skeletor microphone fronting a band made up of Spider and Steampunk guitars

(Credit: Olaf Diegel)

Challenged to design and 3D-print an unusual microphone, Olaf Diegel of ODD Guitars decided to create something that a player of his Spider guitar might rock the house with. The Skeletor that came out of the SLS machine is a perfect stylistic match for the voice of heavy metal himself, Ozzy Osbourne, or equally suited to the king of voodoo rock, Screaming Jay Hawkins.

As with his recent aluminum iStill, the Skeletor microphone was created as a showpiece for additive manufacturing, and designed by the Professor of product development at Lund University, Sweden, in Solidworks CAD software.

The macabre-looking outer shell was 3D-printed in nylon using an EOS Formiga P110 Selective Laser Sintering system at a layer thickness of 0.1 mm, though it was originally designed to be printed in aluminum. However, after painting and assembly Diegel thought it looked pretty darn good so has opted to stick with the nylon for now, and return to the metal print plan for a deluxe version at a later date.

The internals come courtesy of a mic capsule and XLR connector from an old Shure SM58 vocal microphone, known for its rugged road-ready reliability, though Diegel says it would be a fairly simple matter to modify the structure to mount other capsules at no extra cost.

Unfortunately, there’s no suitably dark or scary video of the Skeletor in action, but head to the photo gallery for some tasty pics.

Source: Olaf Diegel