1E launches software to help server efficiency


Server costs

Software to track efficiencies of servers and help reduce costs has been launched by 1E.

1E has moved its energy efficient software from the PC to the data centre with its new server edition of NightWatchman.

It aims to identify the power used in servers and can help a business lower energy costs and even help to decide which servers can be decommissioned.

Sumir Karayi, chief executive and founder of 1E, said in a statement: “Today, organisations are paying for energy, hardware, maintenance and software licensing, even when servers are not providing any business value.”

He added: “Given the economic and environmental issues we face today, there has never been a greater need for efficiency, especially in servers and data centres.”

NightWatchman uses a classic Microsoft management console for easy control. The agent then sits on the servers and pumps the information back to the desktop. The software can then generate time and usage specific reports.

The two main features are the Useful Work Analysis, which shows server energy usage compared to how often it is used for work purposes and Drowsy Server, which minimises energy consumption when no useful work is performed.

The Drowsy Server feature will save companies 12 per cent in energy costs per year, the company claimed.

The software is supported Dr Paul Toyne, head of sustainability for development company Bovis.

In a meeting with IT PRO, Dr Toyne said: “We need to think about the impacts we have with this energy source [electricity] and take it back.”

He added: “If we could get all areas of the UK economy doing this then we could make these changes without bankrupting UK PLC.”