Sun focuses on flash based storage


Storage technology

Sun has released a new high-performance flash storage array to help run MySQL and Oracle, while its acquisition hangs in the balance.

Sun Microsystems is bringing high-performance flash storage arrays to market this week.

The Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array has integrated flash-based storage and optimised software to speed up database processes for MySQL and Oracle.

Offering up to 2TB of solid state flash capacity, Sun claims the array has green credentials, saying it can perform 1.6 million read and 1.2 million write IOPS in a single rack for just 300 watts.

The device is a single rack but can be connected to up to 16 separate hosts to run multiple applications.

It also comes with management and monitoring software and is compatible with a wide range of operating systems.

Sun is pushing ahead with new products alongside prospective parent company Oracle while questions still hang over whether the acquisition offer will get the go ahead.

Oracle first made a bid of $7.4 billion for the company back in April, which Sun soon accepted.

Even though US officials gave the deal the go ahead in August, the European Commission is conducting an antitrust probe into the transaction to decide whether it is fair for Oracle to own both its own database and MySQL.

A decision on the acquisition is expected on 19 January 2010.