Reviews round-up: Google makes waves


Google Wave

Google Wave impresses but befuddles, Microsoft offers essential security, and HTC releases Windows Phone 6.5 into the wild.

Google Wave review: first look

Having gained access we take a look at Google Wave to see what it’s all about. The result? We found it both baffling and intriguing. We can see its value as an innovative way of collaborating for teams, but hailing it as a new social networking tool seems wide of the mark.

HTC Touch2

The HTC Touch 2 is the first phone we’ve seen featuring Microsoft’s Windows Phone 6.5. Has it moved the game on enough to get its smartphone rivals worried?

Microsoft Security Essentials

We were keen to see how things turned out with its Microsoft’s OneCare security suite’s successor, Security Essentials. Rather better, according to our reviewer Darien.

iStorage DiskCrypt Mobile

Data security is of vital importance but some businesses still aren’t paying it enough attention. If you need to transport larger amounts of data around you should consider a drive like this – though this one isn’t necessarily the best value.

Acer Ferrari One

Wow. They don’t come brasher than this. The Acer Ferrari One 200 is as subtle as, well, a Ferrari. Thankfully it’s fast, for a netbook, but battery life isn’t great. And really, do you want to be seen using one in public? Oh you do.