A10 launches 64-bit OS for application delivery


Application Delivery

A10 Networks is releasing its latest Advanced Core Operating System, increasing speed and performance of application delivery in the data centre.

A10 Networks is breaking its way into the UK with a new 64-bit operating system to deliver applications and load balance servers in the data centre.

Its Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) is designed to work with the company’s Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) to improve performance, speed and scalability.

Todd Kleppe, senior director of Global Operations for A10, told IT PRO in an interview: “The prior version of ACOS was 32-bit. It was effective but there was one drawback. It limited memory to 4GB per CPU. This really limits what you can do, but with 64bit it breaks this barrier.”

By increasing addressable memory, scalability is hugely increased and helps with surge protection, enables larger RAM caching and optimises application response times.

In addition, the new ACOS uses shared memory architecture, which removes the need for communication between processors. By eliminating what it calls Inter-process Communication (IPC), the system speeds up reaction times and increases efficiency.

Dan Buckley, regional sales manager for A10, told IT PRO: “If memory is shared, adding processors just ups the performance without diminishing the return.”

“To have a truly scalable symmetric system it needs to be zero IPC and shared memory,” he added.

Both the ACOS and a range of ADCs are available immediately.